måndag 16 januari 2012

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1password - keep track of your passwords

This with passwords on the Web is not much fun. As the Internet has grown to become a natural part of our everyday life has also number of services that we are connected to, has increased markedly. Nowadays, it's not just your mail passwords that you need to remember passwords, but also to various social services, web shops, services, etc..

Having the same password for all services is not a good solution even if it is a simple one. If you get robbed of your password from a web page, you have once been hacked on all sides you are a member of. However, there is a cure for this! 1password is a program available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPhone and Android. In 1password, you can store information about all the different services that you need a password. You can store passwords for different websites, credit card numbers or other important information.

Since that 1password are available for so many different devices, you can easily synchronize all information using Dropbox. When you want to use a password, just log on the 1password with your master password and copy the desired password into the login form. This not only makes your surfing more secure, but also easier.

1password are available to: Mac,PC,iPhone,iPad and Android

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