måndag 23 januari 2012

How To Install Mobile Terminal On iPhone 4S [Guide]

Well after the huge success made by the hackers to bring untethered jailbreak to iPhone 4S by using Absinthe jailbreak, so if you are a developer who needs some cool features in your iPhone then you will need a new and popular jailbreak tweak called Mobile Terminal which is a very basic package for all developers who have experienced or simply the need to give some instructions to your iPhone using some command lines.

In order to follow the following guide you should have these requirements:
  • An iPhone 4S iPhone or any device jailbroken iPhone OS;
  • Cydia properly functioning;
  • iFile installed from Cydia (Free);
  • The file. Deb Mobile Terminal ( download ).
Here's a little guide showing how to easily install Mobile Terminal on your device:
STEP 1: First you will have to see if you installed CoreUtilities open Cydia and moving in the management section. If you did not receive a dependency error when trying to install Mobile Terminal and the operation will be interrupted.

STEP 2: Now launch Safari web browser  Mobile Terminal.deb to download the file here . Then choose to open it with iFile when prompted. 
STEP 3: After iFile is opened you'll see a new pop-up. Click on "Install" and wait for the Mobile Terminal is installed on your device.
STEP 4: Okay, almost done after the trial, made a respring or reboot the phone. At this point you will be able to launch Mobile Terminal even on your jailbroken iPhone 4S!
Now you have just installed Mobile Terminal on your device, enjoy all :)
// HB

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