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Best Jailbreak Tweaks Ever For Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone 4S

The Absinthe jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 is now officially out. Now you’ve jailbroken your device, you’ll of course need to download some jailbreak tweak from Cydia that are useful for your device. In this post, we’re showing the best and most important jailbreak tweaks you’ll ever need for your new device.


Almost all of you know know this Cydia app! SBSettings is my #1 jailbreak tweak. Once I jailbreak my device, I immediately download and install SBSettings on my new device. It adds options to turn on/off 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and even more functions. Just open Cydia then download it to see yourself.


That one is very important too. iFile makes the folders on your iPhone visible. It’s like the Founder of your iPhone. You can use it for several functions. You can see all your folders, compressed files, bookmark folders and more.


Since the iPhone and all Apple devices don’t support bluetooth file transfer with other devices, Celeste brings this function to you. For $9.99 from Cydia Store, you’ll be able to transfer files with all other devices than Apple like Nokia, Samsung and even various laptop kinds.

Springtomize 2

This tweak get the most out of iOS 5. If you’re using a new iPhone 4S, you’ll surely need a tweak like this. With Springtomize 2, you can customize almost every aspect of your iOS device. For $2.99 only, Springtomize 2 saves you about $20 on Cydia tweaks that are integrated into it. Hit this post for a video walkthrough.


This tweak makes me want to jailbreak anything in my hand! IntelliScreenX, a tweak developed by IntelliBorn team, is a must have jailbreak tweak which makes iOS 5 notification center in the right way. Available for $9.99, it adds a lot of functions to your notification center. A video walkthrough posted here.


CallBar is a jailbreak tweak developed by the iPhone developer Limneos that allows you to improve the way you receive phone calls. CallBar re-designs the incoming phone and video call interface to allow you to use your device while it’s ringing and during the call. It costs $3.99. More coverage and video posted here.


When you jailbreak your iPhone, Activator comes with it. It allows you to activate anything from any place on your iPhone. It’s a free Cydia tweak and is pre-installed with the jailbreak. SBSettings uses Activator to be activated when swiping the status bar.

WinterBoard and DreamBoard

Those two jailbreak tweaks allows you to theme your iPhone and customize the interface. With Winterboard, you can get a lot of themes that can be found easily on Cydia. DreamBoard contains more stable and amazing themes like OS X Ultimatum and BlackBerry theme. Make sure to get them.

InfiniDock and OverFlow

Once installed both tweaks, I’m sure you’ll have then the best iPhone dock ever. InfiniDocks allows you to add multiple icons to your dock and it lets you scroll through them as you would pages on your springboard. While OverFlow gives your dock an awesome “Cover Flow” style. Check this post for more info about them.

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